Article 6 Explainer

This paper includes a description of Article 6 and guidance on what was decided at COP27 and dives into the complex implications of Article 6 for NDCs, nature and...

Emissions Avoidance

The presentation provides the definitions and concept of emission avoidance and its relation to the prevention of emissions and impact assessment and risk management creating a stance for...

REDD+ and Avoidance emissions

The scope of REDD+ activities and summaries  key features of Indonesia's forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level (FREL/FRL) and how it will be used as a...

Article 6 Avoidance

The presentation provides clarity on the concept and paragraphs of avoidance as seen within the Paris Agreement and a comprehensive sovereign carbon checklist. Download link Article 6 Avoidance

Reflections from SB56

The presentation by the UNFCCC Secretariat summarises the key takeaways from the SBSTA 56 on Article 6.2, Article 6.4 and Article 6.8. Download link Reflections from SB56