ERCST has three founding members who sit in its board, with backgrounds in industry, academia and government affairs. They oversee and guide ERCST’s mission and activities:

  • Michael Mehling, MIT
  • Philippe Chauveau, Solvay
  • Andrei Marcu, ERCST

RCST’s Scientific Committee provides for intellectual solidity and ensures the neutrality of its outputs and activities:

  • Carlo Carraro, FEEM
  • Emilie Alberola, Eco Act
  • Neeraj Prasad, former manager of the World Bank Institute’s Climate Change team
  • Stefan Schleicher, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz
  • Susanne Droege, SWP
  • Sebastian Oberthür, Institute for European Studies, VUB


ERCST’s outputs and activities (papers, seminars, European Roundtables, etc.), are undertaken strictly under the responsibility of the ERCST and will not represent, nor are they in any way meant to represent, an endorsement by ERCST members or any stakeholders of their contents or of the statements made during discussions. All ERCST activities will be undertaken under strict Chatham House Rules.