Funding Mechianisms in the fourth phase of the EU ETS: Exploring what is known and identifying issues for clarification and discussion.

Funding Mechanisms in the fourth phase of the EU ETS: exploring what is known and identifying issues for clarification and discussion.

Article 6.2 Advanced Options Paper


This advanced options paper on article 6, paragraph 2 of the Paris Agreement is an update of the option paper (Straw Man) jointly produced by Reed Smith and ICTSD in February 2018.

Northeast Asia Carbon Markets and Trade Connections


This Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and ICTSD report focuses on carbon pricing and the linking of carbon pricing systems as a potential catalyst for increased trade relationships. 

Decoding Article 6 of the Paris Agreement


This publication examines the options for establishing guidance, rules, and modalities for the key elements of Article 6, decoding main issues.

Developing the EU Long Term Climate Strategy-Technical Paper


This technical paper is the outcome of a year-long effort, which included a series of stakeholder engagements in five EU capitals at the beginning of 2018. 

Developing the EU Long Term Climate Strategy - Policy Paper


This policy paper seeks to develop a series of consistent choices upon which the new European Long-Term Climate Strategy can be built. It is produced under the project “Developing the EU Long-Term Climate Strategy". 

2018 State of the EU ETS Report


The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is important through its role as the “cornerstone” of EU climate change policy as well as a “role model” and “pioneer” for carbon markets. 

Managing a Sustainable Transition to a Low-carbon Society: The Socio-economic Impacts of Mitigation Policies


This policy brief looks at how to identify and manage the expected and unintended socio-economic impacts of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation policies. 

Article 6.2 'Straw Man' "Straw man": Guidance on Cooperative Approaches Referred to in Article 6, Paragraph 2 of the PA


This "straw man" is intended to catalyse reflection and provide a useful background to discuss the structure, components and options for an Article 6.2 negotiating text. 

Issues and Options: elements for text under Art. 6


This paper seeks to capture some of the issues that need to be addressed in the rulebook for article 6 of the Paris Agreement, and unpack the options for each issue, with the intention of catalyzing a discussion among Parties.

Addressing policy overlaps through the governance of the Energy Union


This ERCST paper addresses what the Governance proposal does not currently include, specifically, provisions to address interactions between elements of the Energy Union. 

Issues for discussion to operationalise Article 6 of the Paris Agreement


This paper focuses on the issues that emerged from previous discussions and submissions and which the author believes will require further examination as part of the effort to make Article 6 operational. 

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Reflections on Submissions by Parties before Marrakech


This paper examines submissions made prior to COP 22 on views related to guidance for the Article 6 items. It highlights the many important issues covered in them and discusses implications of the various interpretations. 

Views on Mitigation Value and its Application


This paper analyses the concept of mitigation value and its application, and the relationship between mitigation value and compliance value.