ERCST Prospectus


The mission of ERCST is to provide a neutral space where policymakers and regulators can meet stakeholders, and discuss climate change policy, including how to manage a sustainable transition to a low-carbon society. While focused on European climate policy, ERCST fully recognises, and incorporates in its activities and thinking, the global dimensions of climate change policy. 

In 2022, ERCST will continue its efforts and work organised in a number of work streams that operate with different formats such as online webinars, brainstorm sessions, task forces, moderated roundtables in Brussels and other capitals, briefings and lunchtime meetings. Read the ERCST Prospectus for 2022  from the link below.

Indirect Emissions in the EU CBAM

Download report here

In this report, ERCST presents a comprehensive analysis of the different arguments as well as recommendations on how to address indirect emissions in the EU CBAM.

Download ERCST presentation here