The European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) is an independent think-tank based in Brussels, Belgium.

ERCST provides rigorous intellectual analysis of EU and international climate change developments and policies, by using the experience and research of its staff, as well input from stakeholders who participate in its activities. ERCST provides original ideas and research into European and international debates on climate change policy. It represents its own views and strives to ensure in a very strict way its independence and integrity.

ERCST aims to provide a neutral space where policy-makers and regulators can meet stakeholders to discuss climate change policy and how to manage the transition to a low GHG- economy in a sustainable way. While focused on European climate policy, ERCST fully recognizes, and incorporates in its activities and thinking, the global dimension of climate change policy.

ERCST focuses its work on a number of work streams that operate with different formats such as Task Forces, moderated European Roundtables in Brussels and other capitals, briefings, and lunchtime meetings. Over the last years, ERCST has successfully organized and facilitated hundreds of workshops and events with policymakers and stakeholders, both in EU and non-EU countries, and produced dozens of papers and reports.

ERCST’s focuses its work on a variety of EU and international climate policy topics, which can be found in the prospectus below.

2024 State of the European Hydrogen Market Report