EU Taxonomy: extension framework and interplay with transition pathways


This meeting will take the form of a working group. A diverse group of stakeholders will discuss specific elements of the EU sustainable finance agenda. This meeting is dedicated to the topic of EU Taxonomy and industrial transition. The 2 working groups will discuss: The EU Taxonomy extension framework: nuclear, gas, significantly harmful (SH) and […]

Just Transition Governance and Financing across EU Member States

Registration Sustainable development considers economic, social, and environmental matters holistically. Just Transition intends to counter the idea that valuing social aspects of sustainable development and caring for the environment are mutually exclusive goals. In this context, ERCST decided to further analyse the social implications of the environmental transition, both at a global and an EU […]

Hydrogen: completing the regulatory puzzle

Register here This new workstream aims to bring together stakeholders, including policymakers and industry on a regular basis to discuss substantive issues around the topic of hydrogen, informed by original intellectual input from ERCST. Drawing on the lessons of a previous stock-take on the topic discussed in December 2021, this meeting is intended to identify […]

Informal Forum on Implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – February 2022

This meeting is part of the ERCST initiative, which aims to create an informal atmosphere, where the main objective is to explore, discover, explain and understand different points of view related to the issues in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. That is, to understand the options available to define rules, modalities and procedures on […]

State of the EGD: two years after


Register here This meeting is part of a series organized by ERCST on the European Green Deal, which started on 8 January 2020 right after the European Commission’s EGD was announced. This work stream aims to bring together policymakers and stakeholders on a regular basis to take stock of recent developments in the EGD framework. […]

CBAM Global Townhall 2022

REGISTRATION The European Commission has put forward a proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) – an enabler of ambitious climate policy in a world of unequal ambition. As other countries respond to the climate crisis, we can expect to see them follow suit. Ideally there would be international coordination of these emerging policies; […]

EU-Turkey Climate Policy Dialogue: Role of Civil Society in developing climate policies

Registration link This workshop is part of the project EU – Turkey Climate Policy Dialogue for civil societies. The overall objective of the project is to establish a sustained dialogue between Turkish and EU CSOs, private actors and public institutions on the articulation of Climate Change policy between the EU and Turkey and climate policy development in […]