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The European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) is an independent nonprofit organisation working on European and Global climate change policies.


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REPORT: Border Carbon Adjustments in the EU: Sectoral analysis

On March 18, ERCST presented the Sectoral CBAM Report with a deep dive into the specificities of individual sectors as well as chapter synthetizing the findings to a general CBAM Design.

According to the roadmap for the European Green Deal, and European Council conclusions from July, a proposal for a BCA for “selected sectors” will be released in 2021 and should be introduced by the end of 2022.

This report delves into a CBAM Proposal with the optimal options for the general CBAM Design.

REPORT: 2021 State of the EU ETS Report

The yearly State of the EU ETS Report aims to be an independent contribution to the policy debate, which is needed to ensure that the EU ETS is “fit for purpose.” It is intended as a “snapshot”, providing policymakers and stakeholders with an overview of how the EU ETS is doing by April of each year, based on previous year data. This year, the report focuses on 5 key areas: recent policy developments, environmental delivery, economic delivery, market functioning and the EU ETS in the European Green Deal

This report is jointly produced by ERCST, BloombergNEFthe Wegener Center and Ecoact

REPORT: Border Carbon Adjustments in the EU: Sectoral Analysis

This report is a sectoral assessment analyzing the suitability of a CBAM in addressing carbon leakage and the competitiveness of individual industrial sectors, as well as its impacts. The sectors considered in the analysis include: cement, chemicals, electricity, ferrous metals, fertilisers, non-ferrous metals, pulp & paper and refined petroleum products. Lastly, the report draws on information gathered through extensive consultations with stakeholders and experts, research, data analysis and cooperation with sectoral associations.