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The European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) is an independent nonprofit organisation working on European and Global climate change policies.


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Impact on Households of the Inclusion of Transport and Residential Buildings in the EU ETS

This work describes the impact on EU households’ budgets of applying carbon pricing to the transport and residential building sectors. We analyse different scenarios and, based on the results, suggest mitigating policies that can shield the poorest households that cannot afford to invest in new low-carbon technologies and solutions.

The aluminium value chain and implications for CBAM design

this paper demonstrates how the application a CBAM only on primary aluminium would lead to higher costs for downstream producers, either incentivizing the relocation of that production outside Europe, or increasing imports of products at the next step in the value chain.

Preliminary study on the economic impact of EU CBAM on Thailand, India, and Vietnam

This paper is a preliminary study on the economic impact that EU CBAM could potentially impose on foreign exporters of products to the EU market for the following countries: Thailand, India, and Vietnam.