The Commission proposal on the ETS Review: a cool-headed assessment

Registration Link The event will be an opportunity to discuss with members of the European Parliament their views on the Commission’s legislative text and for representatives of the EU business community and civil society to react to the MEPs’ interventions and share their views and concerns about the proposal. The draft agenda is attached for […]

Hydrogen, taking stock of the “Fit for 55”

University Foundation rue d’Egmont 11,, Brussels

Register here This meeting is under Chatham House Rules,  This new work stream aims to bring together stakeholders, including policymakers and industry on a regular basis to discuss substantive issues around this topic, informed by original intellectual input from ERCST. This meeting will take stock of the main hydrogen legislative developments proposed in the “Fit […]

Informal Dialogue on Response Measures: Corporate Action on Just Transition

One of the key elements in achieving climate neutrality and transition to a low GHG economy is to ensure that it happens in a fair way, leaving no one behind. In the last decade, the issue of Just Transition has been gaining momentum both at the EU and global level. At the same time, to […]

Report Launch: Role of Supply Chain Emissions in Decarbonization and Compliance

 Climate policy in the EU has so far lacked a holistic view on how supply chain emissions are addressed and accounted for. In the EU, the main legislation which currently governs its climate ambition and corporate compliance are focused on Scope 1 emissions, and to some extent on Scope 2 emissions.  At the same time, […]

Article 6 Community Center: Voluntary Carbon Markets and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

This meeting is part of a series of webinars which are part of ERCST’s work stream on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Our aim is to bring together a broader community, beyond the UNFCCC negotiators, which is interested in Article 6.  We hope to catalyse an exchange of information and experiences by organising webinars and […]

Launch of the ERCST Guide to the EU CBAM


The European Green Deal has strengthened the level of climate ambition, increasing the asymmetry of climate efforts by aiming to achieve climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050. This raises the question of how to deal with competitive pressure and carbon leakage, pushing Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) to the front as a possible solution. […]

Assessing the impacts of international Response Measures in Ghana

This webinar is part of the project “Reporting on the Impacts of Response Measures – a case study on Ghana”, jointly organised by ERCST and the Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana. ERCST and the EPA in Ghana have been working together on identifying, measuring and analysing the impacts of the implementation of response measures in […]

Impacts of the EU Taxonomy and implications for the EU sustainable transition

University Foundation rue d’Egmont 11,, Brussels

Registration link ERCST workstream on sustainable finance (SF) aims at bringing together relevant stakeholders on a regular basis to discuss substantive issues. ERCST has the objective to provide well though input to the SF discussion, benefitting from a multi-stakeholder debate. This event will gather a diverse panel to discuss the challenge of making the EU Taxonomy work […]

EU-Turkey Climate Policy Dialogue: Deep dive on CBAM, ETS and the Just Transition Mechanism

This workshop is part of the project EU – Turkey Climate Policy Dialogue for civil societies. The overall objective of the project is to establish a sustained dialogue between Turkish and EU CSOs, private actors and public institutions on the articulation of Climate Change policy between the EU and Turkey and climate policy development in general. During […]

Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD)

Register Here This new work stream aims to bring together stakeholders, including policymakers and industry on a regular basis to discuss substantive issues around this topic, informed by original intellectual input from ERCST. CCfD are being discussed as one of the most promising options to foster the deployment of low-carbon industrial technologies. CCfD are one […]

Cooperation on Border Carbon Adjustments


The European Commission has put forward a proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) – an enabler of ambitious climate policy in a world of unequal ambition. As other countries respond to the climate crisis, we can expect to see them follow suit. Indeed, the UK has pledged to put a CBAM in place, […]

ELECTRICITY PRICES IN THE EU – The balance between regulation and markets


Register Here This event, which is the first one of a series addressing this topic, will identify: The issues & reasons behind the increase in electricity prices, Possible solutions to the current situation and best practices to reinject carbon dividends into the market to protect vulnerable households while still incentivizing the rapid deployment of renewables […]