ELECTRICITY PRICES IN THE EU – The balance between regulation and markets


Register Here This event, which is the first one of a series addressing this topic, will identify: The issues & reasons behind the increase in electricity prices, Possible solutions to the current situation and best practices to reinject carbon dividends into the market to protect vulnerable households while still incentivizing the rapid deployment of renewables […]

The ETS for road transport and buildings: Why yes? Why not?

REGISTER This event aims to tackle the most important issues associated with the new ETS by answering the following questions: Is Carbon Pricing the right tools to decarbonize these sectors? What are the other non-price-based tools to decarbonize these sectors while also ensuring policy consistency across member states? How can the impact on households be […]

Addressing Competitiveness in Industrial Decarbonization

REGISTER This event aims at discussing the future of the free allocation regime in the EU and the role of the ETS in encouraging abatement in the EU industrial sectors. Particularly, speakers will be encouraged to share their views on the following topics: The impact of the Fit for 55 package on the EU industry […]

ETS Revision for Phase IV: Draft Report by the rapporteur in the ENVI Committee

As the responsible committee for the Revision of the EU ETS, the ENVI Committee and more specifically, the rapporteur of the file Peter Liese, has published its draft report on 14 January. The roundtable discussed key takeaways from the draft report by the rapporteur from the responsible committee in the European Parliament and provide an […]

Price signal for carbon and impact on decarbonisation

The discussion will focus on the current EUA price level and their impact on decarbonisation efforts, both in industrial sectors, as well as other sectors of the economy. The reaction in the EU seems to vary depending on sectors and EU Member States. Some sectors see the very rapid price increase as beneficial and supportive […]

2022 State of the EU ETS Report – Launch Webinar


During this webinar the 2022 State of the EU ETS Report will be presented by the authors and discussed by commentators. This will be the seventh annual report on the State of the EU ETS and builds on the reports produced by this group of authors, and other partners, in the last years. The 2022 […]