European Green Deal (EGD)

ERCST launched this work stream on January 8, 2020 right after the European Commission’s EGD was announced. This work stream aims to bring together policymakers and stakeholders on a regular basis to take stock on recent developments in the EGD framework.

ERCST’s work on the EGD can be subdivided into two different strands:

  1. Implementation of the European Green Deal: legislative files
  2. European Green Deal: state of play

In this sub-workstream, ERCST attempts to accompany the European Commission’s legislative process by organising topical discussions on key proposals for the implementation of the EGD. ERCST will also regularly provide input to EC feedback opportunities and publish position papers.

This workstream is transversal to other ERCST workstreams such as ETS, CBAM, Sustainable Finance or Hydrogen and it is also intended to cover those legislative files that are not part of ERCST’s core workstreams, such as for example the European Climate Law, the 2030 Climate Target Plan and key parts of the Fit for 55 Package.

In 2022, ERCST will continue to provide input to the debate while assessing the implementation of the EGD from a holistic perspective, trying to avoid looking at the different proposals in silos.

This sub-work stream is part of a continuous series of meetings that aim to bring together policymakers and stakeholders to take stock on recent developments, look ahead to what is in the proposals’’ pipeline, and discuss the general implementation of the EGD.

Rather than focusing on individual legislative files, this sub-work stream concentrates on the core developments and overall direction of the EGD.

In 2021, each of these sessions focused on the recent high-level policy developments under the EGD, and the ‘general sentiment’ of stakeholders on the implementation of the EGD. In 2022 the update of the Fit for 55 agenda will slowly get the final shape of the Package and further discussions will focus on its implementation.


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