Article 6 under the Paris Agreement

ERCST sees its role very much as a bridge bringing the international dimension of the climate change debate to Brussels. One such important dimension relates to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement that aims to provide a framework for post-2020 international carbon markets. It is the only element that has not been agreed on, and everyone feels that without it the Paris Agreement is incomplete in spirit.

It also has implications for the completion of other important files such the Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement and linking of international emissions trading schemes. At the same time, many Parties, multilateral international organizations, and private sector actors have started to test and see how Article 6 activities can be operationalized.

Since its inception, ERCST has been organising and hosting informal dialogues on the implementation of Article 6, with the aim of fostering discussions in a less rigid atmosphere. The informal dialogues seek to bring together the relevant negotiators and stakeholders, in order to ensure that participants feel free to go deeper into explaining and understanding the different views and interpretations of the rules, modalities and procedures.

Article 6 is the last section of the Paris Rulebook that needs to be finalised, as no agreement was found at COP 25 in Madrid. In 2020, the informal dialogue continued despite the fact that the format changed from in-person to virtual meetings, focusing on why an agreement could not be reached and discussing potential ways forward. Emphasis was put on better understanding contentious issues and links with other parts of the Madrid Rulebook, which were captured in 3 publications and 9 reflection notes.

In 2021, ERCST continues to host these informal dialogues, and provide intellectual input to the discussion, with the focus likely shifting to the implementation of the work programme, if the Article 6 rulebook is finalised at COP 26 in Glasgow.

Since 2021, ERCST has launched the Article 6 Community Center to bring together a broader community, beyond the UNFCCC negotiators, which is interested in Article 6.

ERCST organizes webinars with leading thinkers and practitioners on a regular basis to tackle different interesting topics and facilitate knowledge building within the community. These webinars present an opportunity for stakeholders to find out about the latest developments and initiatives around an international carbon market 2.0.

Part of this initiative is the Article 6 Library hosted on the ERCST website. The library is a unique and central point of information that holds 200+ publications, presentations and UNFCCC documents that relate to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. New publications are continuously added to ensure users are updated on the newest research and analysis. Please feel free to reach out if you have Article 6 documents that should be included into the library : 


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