Just Transition

One key element in garnering support for a rapid transition to a low GHG economy is to show that there is a good understanding of the impacts of the measures that are being put in place to move towards a low GHG economy, and that there is plan to mitigate social and economic impacts during the period of transition. Both at the EU and at the global level, these are issues that will prove critical, especially as issues of trade will start to have an increasingly important role.

In 2021, ERCST will continue to strive to increase the understanding of this issue as part of the EU policy debate. ERCST plans to carry out case studies aimed at better understanding the (unintended) effects of climate change policies (Response Measures), and the associated Just Transition challenges, including at national level.


Pietro Cesaro (pcesaro@ercst.org)

Marina Monciatti (mmonciatti@ercst.org)