Border Carbon Adjustments in the EU


As part of the European Green Deal, implementation of a BCA is once again being considered as a measure to address carbon leakage. According to the roadmap for the European Green Deal, a proposal for a BCA for “selected sectors” will be released in 2021. So far, we can only speculate what such a BCA might look like, as few policy details have been released. Given the resurgence of discussions about BCAs on the EU political agenda, it is an opportune time to have a closer look at the various available policy design elements and options, along with the associated environmental, economic, political and legal implications, in order to better understand what form of BCA might work for the EU.

In the upcoming report “Border Carbon Adjustments in the EU: Issues and Options,” ERCST will demonstrate the various forms an EU BCA can take, and synthesize the limitations and implications of various policy options. ERCST will hold further in-person meetings and webinars to engage stakeholders and experts across the EU, including events in various EU capitals.

The ERCST BCA project team has a myriad of experience on BCAs, carbon leakage issues, and other competitiveness topics in the EU context, and will continue to monitor new developments as they are released by the European Commission.

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