Rulebook for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement - Takeaway from the COP 24 outcome

Date: 25 February 2019

Author(s): Andrei Marcu and Mandy Rambharos

In order to better understand the Article 6 outcomes from Katowice, this paper examines and compares the different versions of text that emerged at key moments in the two weeks of negotiations, and tries to identify evolution and changes in key issues in the text, and discuss and analyse these changes.

This paper analyses and compares four versions of the Article 6 text:

  1. The final outcome of Article 6 in the Katowice Rulebook, which is largely procedural;
  2. The texts issued on Saturday December 15 by the COP Presidency, namely texts L.24, L.25 and L.26, which represented an attempts by the Presidency to compromise;
  3. The texts issued on Friday December 14, also by the COP Presidency, which is the same as the one issued on Thursday and which Parties referred to during their discussions in the Sejmik setting;
  4. the texts presented to the SBSTA plenary on Saturday December 8.