The EU's NDC after the Talanoa Dialogue - Options paper

Date: 21 January 2019

Author(s): Andrei Marcu Simone Borghesi, Wijnand Stoefs, Isabella Alloisio, Francesco Nicolli and Domien Vangenechten

This paper explores a number of major options that the EU could consider if the decision is made to enhance the EU NDC. It shows that the options are varied, with significant differences in terms of additional mitigation effort, political will and environmental impacts.

These options have been discussed through workshops with stakeholders and policy makers and an online survey. The survey asked participants to rate the political and social acceptability, as well as competitive, international and environmental impacts of 9 options for enhancing the EU NDC set out in this paper. The results of these efforts to gather input and foster discussion are analysed at the end of the paper.