Mehtap Alper Sağlam

Mehtap Alper Sağlam



Mehtap joined ERCST in October 2022.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a Master’s in Energy Science and Technologies from Istanbul Technical University. Her thesis concerned Demand Side Flexibility in the Turkish Power System.

Between 2010 and 2016, Mehtap worked as a procurement and quality assurance and control expert. She worked on multi-component R&D and innovation projects co-financed by the EU and Turkey within the scope of Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance-IPA under the Competitive Sectors Program managed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
Since July 2016, Mehtap has been working as an energy expert and a member of the R&D projects evaluation committee in the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Specifically, she follows national and international policies and regulations on power system flexibility, balancing markets, energy storage systems and demand side response. She published an expertise thesis on a Review of Power System Flexibility and Assessment of New Flexibility Options for the Turkish Power System.

In 2020, Mehtap provided consultancy as a Grid Code Development Expert for six months to the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency under an EBRD financed TA Project.

Lastly, she is a member of CIGRE’s Working Groups C1.C4.46 on optimizing power system resilience in future grid design and C1.47 on Energy Sectors Integration and impact on power grid, as well as Eurelectric Turkey’s Innovation and Digitalization Working Group.

Phone: +32 468 31 55 14