Informal Forum on the Implementation of
Article 6 of the Paris Agreement


The new climate agreement, reached in Paris in December 2015, covers markets and non-market approaches in Article 6.

While this is an important achievement of the Paris Agreement, operationalising the article will require a substantial amount of political and technical decisions to be taken. The Informal Forum on Implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC process brings together negotiators from across the spectrum of Parties to the UNFCCC, in an informal discussion willing to explore, discover, explain and understand different points of view related to the issues in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in order to contribute towards arriving at a common understanding so that the opportunities for collaboration are seized and effectively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The discussions will be free and informal, held under Chatham House rules. Above all, this process is completely separate from the UNFCCC negotiating process. There is no intention, or mandate, to produce any text or negotiate an outcome.

The sessions generally begin with a presentation from ERCST, followed by reflections from participating negotiators. At the end of each meeting, ERCST will not produce a summary, but a Reflection Note based on what the Chair took away from the discussions.

This project is made possible through contributions received from a number of donors including Australia, Canada, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the World Bank.

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